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It's Who You Know - The Ultimate Networking Kit

It's Who You Know - The Ultimate Networking Kit

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This 139-page downloadable PDF has articles, 11 worksheets, tips and audio/transcript of Ilise Benun's “How to Make the Most of Every Conversation"



You could be one conversation away from doubling or tripling your income. Would you know what to say?

Networking opportunities pose themselves often in our businesses—but far too many of those opportunities are neglected, overlooked, or not handled properly because people simply aren't equipped with networking know-how. We could tell you endless stories of how singular conversations led to big budget projects and huge amounts of business for creatives just like you.

Hands down, networking in the most effective tool there is to grow your business. In this kit, you'll get everything you need to network effectively. It's all right here!

Fortunately, being a “good networker” really can become second nature. (Yes, even to “shy” people!) Networking doesn't have to be strenuous or uncomfortable. It can be relaxed, fun, and happen with great comfort and confidence. But you've got to have the tools‚Ķ

If you are naturally a “shy” person, this kit will help you overcome your natural tendencies, and enable you to comfortably and effectively network—a business skill that, we guarantee, will payoff for your business. You will learn fun ways to overcome your shyness. You'll learn the difference between “bragging” and helping people who need what you offer. Plus, networking is one of the most inexpensive marketing tools out there! Nearly everything you'll learn in this networking kit can be done a shoestring budget!

It's Who You Know will teach you how to fill your contact list with prospects and others that you need to build and sustain your business‚Ķ in just a few hours a month! Simply put, there's no marketing program anywhere that offers more bang for your buck than networking.

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Networking Basics
  • Part 2: Getting Started - Creating Your “Personal Brand”
  • Part 3: Networking Tools
  • Part 4: Getting Out
  • Part 5: Reaching Out
  • Part 6: Follow Up

In this ultimate networking kit, you will get easy to implement tools, tricks, and worksheets—everything you need to network effectively, including:

  • Quiz: Test your schmoozing quotient
  • Worksheet: Who is your network?
  • Worksheet: Find your personal brand
  • Worksheet: The business naming
  • Worksheet: Winning tagline
  • Worksheet: Facts and benefits about your work
  • Worksheet: Your 10-word Blurb
  • Worksheet: Marketing syntax
  • Worksheet: Mine your own stories
  • Worksheet: Find your USP
  • Quiz: Your Networking Expectations
  • Worksheet: Find your target market
  • Is this market ready for you?
  • Worksheet: Networking goals
  • Annual networking calendar
  • Game: The networking game
  • Form: New contact form
  • & more!

Ready to give yourself the tools you need—so the next time you're presented with that BIG conversation, you'll be able to take advantage instead of take cover?

What are you waiting for? Buy It's Who You Know today


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