“Your Self Promotion is Not About You” — What This Really Means

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I know it sounds like a contradiction, but trust me when I say that effective marketing isn’t about you. It’s about them — your ideal clients.

Here’s what I mean (complete with links to one of my favorite recent client sites, to demonstrate exactly what I’m talking about):

Wendy really “got” this idea and wove it all the way through her marketing.

This is not easy — it requires a bit of a mind shift and that was reaffirmed recently when I stumbled upon “Thriving a Business,” an interview with Emily Lewis and Lea Alcantara, co-founders of web design and development agency, Bright Umbrella, (and new Marketing Mentor clients with whom I’d been working just a couple of months).

Imagine my surprise, when, in this interview (listen from the beginning or pick up where they talk about their shifting mindset), they describe the effect of our work together and their “a-ha” moments about speaking the client’s language.

If you also know you need to shift the way you think about your own marketing, but just aren’t sure how, let me help! Take advantage of my “free session” or send me a tweet: @ilisebenun.


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