What to do when work dries up [QTMM 10/12/17]

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Do you know what to do when things get slow? 

Being self employed can feel like a roller coaster sometimes.  I know that from experience -- my own and that of my clients.

I will never forget one client's comment whenever things get slow.

"It feels like the beginning of the end." 

That is an uncomfortable feeling indeed. I've been there too, of course!

And I've learned that you have to be prepared so you don't freak out and hide.

The best way to prepare is have a plan so that, as soon as things start to slow down, you can implement your plan. Because if you wait too long, you will talk yourself out of it. 

I sometimes liken this plan to a gas pedal in a car. You need to know exactly how to put your foot on the gas.  

Everyone's plan looks a bit different, but here are the 3 steps everyone can take: 

  1. Know which of your existing clients usually need help and offer it.
  2. Reach out to your best prospects and everyone you've submitted a proposal to in the last 6 months. 
  3. As a last resort, know who you can ask for an advance on future work.

If nothing else, these actions will make you feel less helpless -- and are likely to generate some work too. That's what action does!

If this is something you're struggling with now, I'd be happy to help. Just email me (ilise@marketing-mentor.com) and we'll work out something affordable. 

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