Two Reasons to Do Your Outreach This Week

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Early fall is an excellent time to focus on outreach for two reasons:

1. Business tends to pick up.

Company decision-makers are coming back from summer vacation - which means you’re more likely to catch them refreshed and ready to start new projects.

Take a look at this comment from last week’s SMP Office Hours session:

I love it when people “come out of the woodwork” seemingly by chance… when you’ve done the marketing to make it happen!

2. You’re setting yourself up for the future.

As the leaves change and everything turns pumpkin-flavored, it’s the perfect time to “plant the seeds” for a strong start in the year ahead.

Sometimes it takes a couple of months to get a project rolling. Offering to help now - and then following up later - will keep you top of mind when the time is right.

Are you doing your outreach – whether to ideal prospects, potential collaborators or referral sources?

I hope so, because it really works!

Over a dozen people shared successes they’ve had with outreach in our recent SMP Office Hours session.

Here are just a few of them…

SMP Member client outreach successes

If you’re having a great year so far, keep doing what you’re doing - it’s working!

And if you’re not, right now is the perfect time to reach out and offer your help.

Clients say “yes” when they are in their time of need.

You can’t control when that will happen…

But you can control how many new connections you make and how many irons you put in your fire.

Not sure who to reach out to first?

Watch the “Best Bits” from this month’s SMP Office Hours to hear my favorite place to do outreach when you’re just starting.

Have you had success with outreach this year? I’d love to hear about it. Share here on LinkedIn to encourage others with your story.

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