[Podcast] #376 To Do List Too Long? Here's a solution...

Eisenhower matrix

What would happen if you threw away your "to do" list?

Sometimes I feel like doing that -- and sometimes I actually do it! It's very liberating. 

I asked that question to my LinkedIn network recently and it hit a bit of a nerve -- to the tune of 3000+ views and lots of comments. (Read and comment here.)

I was only half kidding, because I know we can’t totally get rid of the to do list. (Although sometimes I really do just throw mine away – it’s very liberating. You should try it sometime.)

But there has to be a way to get the "to dos" under control and identify the things that will just never get done, so we can be aim to be the most productive and accomplish the most important (not the easiest) tasks.

My post inspired Andy Brenits of Brenits Creative, who is a member of one of my small coaching and accountability groups, to write an article for his blog about the system he's devised to wrangle all of his to dos, using a very creative combination of GTD + the Eisenhower Matrix + Bullet Journal

Then I remembered a presentation he had given on that very topic a couple years ago. So the audio from that presentation is today’s episode. It’s an excellent podcast to end the summer and, I hope, will help you have a most productive Fall and year end. If I can help, let me know.

But for now, listen here or below and learn. 

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