These 3 core skills lead to your ideal clients

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Two more industrious AWAI Bootcamp attendees, Stella Bouldin and Brenda Dunse, took me up on the challenge of creating some content out of my presentation, “How to Find and Reach Your Dream Client” Instead of a "review" as the others did (and for which I am gratefull!) these two summarized the highlights from my presentation -- and they did a great job too! Thanks so much!

These 3 core skills lead to your ideal clients

by Stella Bouldin

Ilise Benun’s 2018 AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp presentation, “How to Find and Reach Your Dream Client,” highlighted 3 ways to zero in on your client’s pain points and make their life easier. These core skills allow you as the copywriter to attract clients by addressing their pressing needs.


First, and maybe most obvious, is to simply ask your client what they need.

  1. ASK. Questions such as, “What keeps you up at night?” or “What is your biggest challenge?” These simple questions may lead to some interesting and insightful answers but also zero in on what is most important to your client right now. This is how you can help them today by meeting these needs.
  2. LISTEN. Second, but just as important, is to listen to your clients. This may be through a phone call or personal meeting, but listening doesn’t necessarily mean in a face to face conversation. Listening can including reading their comments on a blog, on a social media platform, or on an industry website. What are their complaints? What problems are they experiencing? What solutions are they looking for?
  3. RESEARCH. Finally, do some research about their company and services offered. Are there industry events for this company? What topics are addressed in these events – these are common pain points for many in the industry. Are there common themes over events – these are major points of concern.

Using the details gathered in these three simple ways can provide you with insight into how you can help your client – by addressing these problems for them – and possibly establish a long term relationship. And that is what most freelancers would like to have – solid relationships with great clients.

Stella Bouldin is a freelance copywriter in the alternative health industry. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, she is currently living abroad. Her passions are writing, traveling, and living a well-balanced lifestyle.


Do you need to be a detective to solve the puzzle of content marketing?

By Brenda Dunse

Wearing his trench coat, his trusty dog by his side. Hand scratching his head, as curiosity over takes him… may I ask you just one more question? 

Imagine the great business detective, Columbo. What if I use this method, Ask, Listen, and Search when talking with my prospective clients? It's an opportunity to discover their pain points. 

I’ll learn my clients' pain points by asking questions. This helps me to discover how to best serve them. Through this interviewing process, I'll build better relationships through understanding. 

The bonus is this research provides marketing content I can use to help my client through blogs, newsletters. I can create a 'Why Me’ page on my website to provide solutions to my audiences specific pain points.

This message now has me re-writing my website, LinkedIn page… my content marketing needs to be about my dream client. It’s not about me!

Ilise Benun of shared this message from the stage at AWAI’s Bootcamp 2018 in Delray Beach, Florida, USA.

By focusing on learning I'll turn my networking into research. Ilise had me frantically taking notes… not wanting to miss a single clue.

Now with strategic networking, targeted outreach, and content marketing, I have the tools I need to be able to sell while learning and learn while selling. 

I’m excited to take this learning approach through listening. It feels like it will be a win/win because I’ll be able to listen then provide the solutions the client is really searching for. 

The interviewing process will naturally build a trusting relationship if it focuses on serving the client by providing solutions to pain points.

Thank you Ilise Benun for sharing this message of how to find and reach my dream client. Now off to apply this message to my content marketing...

Brenda Dunse is a freelance copywriter in the textile industry. Home is, nestled amongst the bluffs, in Western Wisconsin’s St. Croix Valley. Where she enjoys a healthy creative lifestyle with family and friends. Her passions are fiber arts, gardening, traveling, reading, and writing. 

If you too want to learn about how to learn while selling, check out the next "Bat Signal Content Marketing" Coaching session here. 


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