2 AWAI Bootcamp copywriters already taking action

Yesterday, I gave my new presentation, How to Find (and Reach) Your Dream Clients, at the AWAI Bootcamp. Afterwards, I challenged the virtual attendees to put what I was preaching into practice immediately -- by creating some content for themselves (and for me) and writing it up. So far, two copywriters took me up on it. Kudos to them for taking action! Here's what they wrote.

“Copywriter—write thine own Copy!”

by July M. Sanchez-Sadowski, B2B Copywriter for the Food Service Industry

Ilise Benun is someone I greatly admire, and what she’s saying is starting to sink in.

I need to create my own content, be my own best customer and by doing so THAT will attract my dream client.

Another way to think of this: When you fly the flight-attendants say to put the mask on yourself first, then help the people around you.  

My budding freelance copywriting business needs help, and I’ve got to put my own mask on before being useful to others.   

I have pain points.  So, do my potential clients.  If I can name my pain points and create my own solutions, won’t that make me better equipped to do so for my clients?  

If I only come away with one idea, one thing I can do to grow my business, it is this:

To focus on learning, on asking the right questions and finding the targeted research and turn that into content—first for my freelance business. 

This will show the skills I bring to the table for any potential client. The solid foundation of working and writing for myself will cultivate trust by association and lead to long lasting working relationships. 

Calming, Informative and Engaging

By Swiss Luster, Freelance Writer of Swiss Copywriting Service

That's Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor; or more importantly the presentation she gave at AWAI's 2018 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job FairHow To Find (AND Reach!) Your Dream Clients.
I wanted to just sit back and listen, but ideas started swirling around in my head and I had to write them down.
I started planning out how I could incorporate her strategies into my marketing efforts to find my dream clients.  
She has this calming way about her as she engages and interacts with her audience. Ilise simplifies things so even newbies are not overwhelmed.  And you walk away with bite-sized actionable nuggets of information!
What I liked most about Ilise Benun presentation - 
  • She gave simple, straight-forward tips and strategies
  • She then explained the importance of each tip or point made...how they benefit you as a freelance copywriter and business owner
  • She seamlessly flowed into how and where to implement those tips and strategies you use for your clients...into your OWN marketing
As I did, you'll walk away calmer knowing exactly what you need to do and how to implement those marketing techniques immediately so you can find and reach your dream clients!

Join the next Zoom session on October 25 with Ilise to get a taste of this new strategy -- details and sign up here