Tapping the Writer/Designer Partnership Goldmine

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Recently, I received this question from a copywriter who gets my Quick Tips.

"Over the years, I've gotten some clients through recommendations by graphic designers; they suggest a client give me a call to work on a project. I'd like to have more graphic designers and web designers give clients my name. What do you suggest?"

So I put the question to my clients to see what they would suggest and here's what they said: 

One designer said, "I would suggest some outreach to designers to introduce yourself and your work."

[BTW: Targeted outreach is one of the 3 most effective marketing tools for creative professionals, whether you're reaching out to actual prospects or partners. That's why it's part of my Simplest Marketing Plan.]

Another designer said, "I am always on the lookout for copywriters! At the same time, I like to recommend someone who gets my side of things. I’d love it if a copywriter reached out to me for a conversation; showed they understood my niche and my clients’ needs (at least to some degree); showed they understood MY pain points (in my case, an example is finishing a website design and the client takes forever on content); wanted to share a client and work in tandem (not just that they are looking for me to pass along names even if that’s the majority of what would end up happening); show that they value design!"

A developer said, "I am always happy to have a copywriter to recommend. Especially because many I have worked with in the past are no longer available for one reason or another."

And a designer passed along an ebook that Ed Gandia recommended, "My friend and colleague Peter Bowerman built his successful copywriting business by partnering with a handful of graphic designers. He’s cracked the code on how writers and copywriters can use this strategy to land profitable writing clients. And he’s put together a 70-page PDF guide detailing exactly what to do ... and how to do it. It’s called Profitable By Design: Tapping the Writer/Designer Partnership Goldmine. I recommend it highly. Learn more about it here."

And finally, one designer said, "Is this a trick question...? lol. Tell her to purchase your SMP and attend Office Hours! She'll be exposed to a bunch of graphic designers and web designers who can get to know, like, trust and possibly refer her!"

I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks y'all!


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