[Podcast] Putting Yourself First in Business

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If you feel like a slave to your business and to your clients, this podcast is for you.

In my recent interview with Kennedy and Rob of 3 Marketers Walk into a Podcast, we talked all about how to set clear boundaries and the right expectations with your clients so they don't walk all over you! Here's a taste of what we discussed:

  • The easy part: decide what you want your life and your work life to look like first. Do you want to work round the clock? Do you want to have a few days off? Do you want to be constantly thinking about your clients?

  • The hard part is attracting the high quality clients who will comply with the way you run your business, so you need to make sure that your marketing plan is designed to attract the highest caliber of client. 

  • A lot of creatives tend to make themselves super available at beginning and "over deliver" which then becomes the expectation that the client gets used to.

  • Instead, you should set out the boundaries from the start. For example, I offer a free 30-minute mentoring session which serves multiple purposes, including setting a boundary. It's clear that when the 30 minutes is up, the clock starts ticking. That implicitly suggests a concrete value to my time. 

  • If you don’t set those boundaries, things become very fuzzy and that confusion sets a bad precedent for the client relationship.  It's essential to start out on the right foot and that is within your control. 

There's a lot more to this interview and excellent, detailed show notes. 

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