[Podcast] How to get projects that are perfect for you

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Photo by Michael e. Stern

Photo by Michael e. Stern

Has this ever happened to you?

You hear about a project and think to yourself, “That is perfect for me!”

The only problem: the client doesn’t know you exist!

How will you get the project if they don’t know you, not to mention realize you’re the perfect fit?

Michael e. Stern has the answer: insert yourself into the conversation.

In our latest podcast interview, he describes exactly how he did that with 2 projects, including one enormous one, where even having an inside connection didn’t help.

You may be wondering, “What do you need to insert yourself into a conversation?”

Confidence – not to be confused with arrogance.

Then, what is confidence made of?

My two cents….

  • And unwillingness to give up
  • Awareness of who your people are
  • Conviction that once they learn about you they’ll see you’re the perfect fit.

Listen to the confidence in Michael’s voice – then mimic him until you make that confidence your own.

And if you need help, take advantage of the free mentoring session.

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