[Podcast] #359 Content Marketing That Works with Ben Callahan of Sparkbox

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To kick off the Marketing Mentor Podcast for 2019, I have a special guest on an important topic: Ben Callahan, President of Sparkbox, a web design and development firm on the success of their content marketing strategy.

Almost 10 years ago, Sparkbox brought me to Dayton Ohio to create a marketing plan for them. At the time, they had 8 people (and that included 4 owners). We spent 2 days together and then I sent them a customized marketing plan. They took it and ran with it, especially with the content marketing part.

Now Sparkbox has 42 people in 2 offices and clients like Gap and Lenovo.

Ben attributes a lot of that growth to their commitment to content marketing. In today’s episode, Ben talks openly about their investment (literally how much time he allocates), their process (which content marketing tools are most effective) and especially, their attitude, which doesn’t have even a scintilla of desperation – it’s all learning and sharing, also known as curiosity and generosity, which I’ve been teaching as marketing tools for a while now.  You will hear this generosity loud and clear in his voice.

So listen here (or below) and learn….


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