[Podcast] #334 How to Break Down Your Services for Tiered Pricing with Michael e. Stern

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Photo credit: Michael e. Stern BuildaBetterPhotograph.com

Here's the thing -- when you do what you do, whether design or copywriting or any other creative service, you do it so naturally that you aren't fully aware of all the steps involved, which is good for you but bad for your pricing. 

Because if you aren't aware of what you're doing, then you won't charge for it. 

And if you don't charge for it, you're essentially giving it away and leaving money on the proverbial table. 

That's how tiered pricing makes you earn more on every project -- it forces you to break down every single step of your process when you create options for your clients to choose from -- and therefore get paid for every single thing you do.

In this week's podcast, Michael e. Stern recites in scrupulous detail, all the little things he does to deliver his time lapse photography to a client, from emailing to choose images and more.

Some of his steps may be yours too! Listen and learn...

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