[Podcast] #333 How to Do Tiered Pricing with Ed Gandia

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Today's episode is a special treat -- my friend and colleague, Ed Gandia, recently interviewed me about tiered pricing and this conversation spawned a brand new product: The Tiered Pricing Kit: How to earn more with every project (included in the Black Friday Bundle for a ridiculous price but not for long!)

 Tiered Pricing Kit: How to earn more on every project

Tiered pricing is not a new idea but it’s one I’ve been using myself and advising clients on lately and it really is helping us all earn more on every project. In fact, I got this message from a client yesterday: 

“Since I started using the packaged services model of fixed scope/fixed price and tiered pricing options, I have had a much easier time winning better (and better-paying) projects. When used together, the methods in The Tiered Pricing Kit and Marketing Blueprint will save you both the amount of time and effort it takes to win new clients and close a deal.”
-Andy Brenits

You see – this marketing stuff works!

So listen and learn and then go buy the Tiered Pricing Kit in the Shop – you’ll earn back what you spend as soon as you start using it. 


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