[Podcast] #295 Value-Based Bartering with Michael e. Stern

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Photograph by Michael e. Stern of BuildaBetterPhotograph.com

A spread from the book by Michael e. Stern of BuildaBetterPhotograph.com

Here’s #7 in a series of chatty (but meaty) conversations between me and time lapse filmmaker, Michael e. Stern of BuildaBetterPhotograph.com. In this episode, Stern updates us on the big entertainment company he’s been pursuing to secure the biggest project of his career, how close he came to giving up and why he kept going.

Then we got to the heart of what was on his mind, which is something he calls “leveraging your talent,” which seems to be a combination of value-based pricing and creative bartering.

He thinks of it as another way to practice negotiating for when the bigger jobs come along. And he shares an example of how he proposed trading tuition at his son’s private school for pictures he takes at sports events and then turns into books (see above) that they can sell to the parents to raise money for the school. A win-win for all parties and a very novel approach to value-based pricing.

Listen to his story and see how it might apply to your own business (and life).

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