Creating in Uncertain Times

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Ilise Benun on the "Getting Work to Work" podcast

On the "Getting Work to Work" podcast, the host, Chris Martin, asked me, "How can creative entrepreneurs and creative professionals plan, create and connect in uncertain times?"

Here's what I said:
"You know, in a way, all times are uncertain times, I do think that certainty, any certainty, is really just an illusion.

And during these uncertain times that you're referring to, we've learned in the past year, that anything can happen at any time. That, to me, is reality.

So what I've been preaching to my clients lately is that we have to be ready for anything.

That means that if what we expect to happen doesn't happen, we have to know what are we going to do instead. I actually ask myself that question every day about almost everything I have planned.

'If the meeting I think is going to happen doesn't happen, what am I going to do instead? Am I going to walk the dog? Am I going to eat something? Am I going to do a different bit of work, like see what's happening on LinkedIn? Or am I going to get mad at the person who didn't show up?'

We have to be ready for anything and to have already thought through what Plan B is, so that when things don't happen as we planned (which they usually don't), we don't freak out. We don't do drama. Instead we are ready to move on to whatever plan B is and be productive and stop wasting time." 

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