Need a Marketing Plan for 2019?

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Start the new year off right -- with a plan!

All our marketing plans are designed for independent creative professionals and they're available today only at 2018 prices.

If you want to Do-It-Yourself, you have 4 marketing plans to choose from:

  1. For everyone, if you know you need to do this and you just need something simple you will actually do! Get The Simplest Marketing Plan for 2019.
    On sale for $39 (regularly $49)
  2. For "newbies," if you're just starting out and need a basic plan, get The Get The Work You Want Plan.
    On sale for $49 (regularly $59)
  3. For established business owners: If you're not starting from scratch, get The Marketing Blueprint: How to Connect the Dots of Your Marketing.
    On sale for $49 (regularly $99)
  4. For advanced business owners: if you want to up your content marketing game, get the 30 Minutes a Day Marketing Plan: Become a Thought Leader. 
    On sale for $79 (regularly $149)

If you wish you could do it yourself but you know better and actually need customized guidance, consider an Intensive One-on-One Customized Virtual Retreat with Ilise Benun 

And if you're looking for a comprehensive course, get Command the Fees You Deserve, my CreativeLive course.

And if you're just not sure what you need, sign up for a free mentoring session and we'll figure it out together!

Here's to a prosperous new year of healthy growth!

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