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30 Minutes/Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals: Become a Thought Leader (Advanced)

30 Minutes/Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals: Become a Thought Leader (Advanced)

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Become a Thought Leader in 30 Minutes/Day 

You get it.

You know that taking control over your business frees up your life.

You know that better clients are out there -- because you've had them!

You know the key is regular marketing and you've been doing it -- and it's working.

So it's time to take it up a notch!

Time to position yourself as an expert and become a thought leader in your niche.

You want this to be the year you take it to the next level. 

If that's you, this is the plan for you. 

The 30 Minutes/Day Marketing Plan
for Creative Professionals


Part 1: The Plan

At 150 pages, it's laid out for easy screen reading and organized into 4 stages, each answering a crucial question. You choose where you are and do the 5 "actions" associated with that stage. 

  • Stage 1: Choose
    What (exactly) do you do and for whom?
  • Stage 2: Connect 
    Who will you connect with?
  • Stage 3: Cultivate 
    How do you tap into your content?
  • Stage 4: Credibilitate 
    Where does your content belong?

Part 2: The Bonus Podcasts

An additional 100+ pages of complete transcripts of podcasts with experts and creative professionals practicing what I preach!

  • Positioning: Here’s a Niche: Construction Time-Lapse Films 
  • Positioning: Here’s a Niche: Wine & Spirits 
  • Positioning: 4 Steps to Content Marketing 
  • Positioning: Using Your Content to Become an Authority 
  • Outreach That Works: What to Do When a Prospect Doesn’t Respond 
  • Outreach That Works: 16% Response to Prospecting (with Chocolate) 
  • Outreach That Works: The Art of the Phone 
  • Pricing: How to Land the Right Price Every Time 
  • Pricing: What Makes a Proposal Great? 
  • Pricing: Pricing Wisdom for Creative Professionals 
  • Pricing: Package Pricing, Tiered Pricing and Value-Based Pricing 

Part 3: BONUS Proposal Samples

3 sample proposals, all with "package pricing" offers

Order Now

If you want to leverage  your expertise (and get paid for it) and you're willing to commit time and effort every day to achieve that goal (there's no magic involved!), then order the 30 Minutes/Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals NOW!


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