3 More Excellent Examples of Email Marketing Newsletters

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September is for email marketing newsletters!

Here are a few new email marketing newsletters from Marketing Mentor clients and followers. Please use them as models to stay in touch with your network -- but don't copy, of course! 

And you can find many more Excellent Examples here. 

1. OxyNotes from Jen Leonardson (see it online here)

This was the very first message sent to a small list of contacts. It got 39% open rate, with 17% click through and no bounces or unsubscribes. That's a great start!

Subject line: Did you know you have to keep the caps on your bottles when you recycle?


2. Spark from Susan Harper and Conference Creative -- (see it online here)

Subject line: spark: september 2017

3. Postcards from Katy Davis, copywriter (see it online here)

Subject line: The frog that sparked true love

And of course I have to practice what I preach -- so here is my latest (see it online here) -- you can sign up for Quick Tips here. 

Subject line: Do you compare yourself to others? 

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