Marketing 101: Is your email address on everything?

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Of course, we all have our email addresses on our business cards and our business websites. But often enough that it shocks me, people still neglect to include email contact info on a business blog—a place where potential clients are hovering all the time!

Spam worries?

If you fear bots harvesting your address, you don’t have to provide a link (bots troll for links); instead, spell out your email in text that bots can’t "grab": on my personal blog, I use communicatrix – at – gmail – dot – com.

Better yet, throw up a link (you want to make it easy, remember?) and either: (a) get yourself a good third party spam filter; or (b) set up one address just for the blog with gmail, which has built in kick-ass spam filtering.

Anyone can get a gmail addy now for the asking, I think, but if you want an invite, I’d be happy to send you one. Just email me.

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