HOW Highlight #1: Breakfast with "my people"

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WOW, what a great event (again) in Chicago this year.

HOW Design Live brings people together to learn and connect.

And that's just what 10 Marketing Mentor clients did last week in Chicago -- they stepped out of their comfort zone and showed up at HOW Design Live to meet their fellow creatives.

The biggest highlight for me was an early morning breakfast with all of them - in real life!

I have never met most of my clients in person, so this was a treat for me as well. 

It's one thing to meet regularly in real time via Zoom for my small coaching groups. It's something else entirely to be sitting together over a beautiful buffet breakfast, going from one session to another together and, of course, chatting about them too. 

More than anything, I could see how beneficial it was for everyone to see and talk to each other. That is simply essential. (See below for more of how I plan to do that in 2020.)

Bravo to you all for making the effort -- that's (from left to right):

Big events are great, but I especially like intimate gatherings. So I'm thinking of hosting one in Savannah the first week of January to kick off and plan for the new year. If you want details about it when I figure them out, sign up here

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