Ghosted by a good prospect? [QTMM 10/31/19]

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I know this has happened to you...

A good prospect reaches out -- someone who knows you, maybe even a past client -- about what seems like a really good project right up your alley.  

The timing is perfect -- things have been a bit slow. You respond immediately and enthusiastically, offering a time to chat so you can ask a few questions before you "talk money."

No response. You follow up. Still no response. One more follow up. Nada!

It's bizarre -- they reached out to you and now they won't respond!

What should you do? What should you say? Try this: 
Subject line: Your project"
Hi Frank, I hope you saw my response the other day about your new project. It's a perfect fit for me! So I am going to hold time in my schedule until we connect.
Is this project still on the table? If so, when are you free to discuss? And if not, please let me know and I'll stand down until another opportunity to work together comes along!"

If they know you're holding time for them, they just might respond. If not, don't fret. They're not bad people, but you can't afford to waste time on them until they're actually ready!

Do you have a variation of this message that's worked? Reply with it and I'll compile them all into a blog post. 

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