The 3 Ps of Pitching for Freelance Writers

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Can't wait to go to Cincinnati next weekend for IndieLAB, the new event from Writer's Digest., where I'll be giving an interactive workshop called, Know Your Worth!

The editors of Writer's Digest sent me a few questions to answer in advance of the big event. Here's a little excerpt from our interview:

What are some ways freelancers can improve their chances of success when pitching?

The 3 Ps are the keys to successful pitching (and much more).

  • Personalization: Tailor every pitch to show you’ve done your homework and are a perfect fit for the publication.
  • Persistence: Don’t give up after just one try. It takes many efforts to even get someone’s attention in the first place, much less get them to respond. So you have to follow up and pitch over and over, often in the face of silence, without being discouraged and without assuming you’re being rejected.
  • Patience: Because timing is everything—your pitch has to land at the moment when they’re open. So the more often you reach out, the more likely the timing will be right and your name will be familiar and therefore trustworthy. That’s what it takes—but that takes time!

Here are a few of the other questions I answered:

  • What are the first steps for writers who want to do freelance writing work, but lack connections and experience?  
  • What are three things you should always include in a freelance writing contract?
  • How important is it for a freelance writer to build a personal brand? How can you ensure that your brand is unique?
  • Can you give us a brief preview of what you’ll be talking about at indieLAB?

Read my answers here and then join me in Cincinnati, Sept 29-30 for IndieLAB -- you can even use my promo code (IBENUN18) for a $50 discount at registration


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