Do you have "fickle focus" too? [QTMM 9/26/18]

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"I've noticed that when I run into something interesting or new, my instinct is to say, 'Maybe it's the niche I'm looking for.'"

One of my clients recently wrote this to me and she called it her "fickle focus."

A-ha! I see the problem.

A niche isn't something you "run into" -- there's nothing haphazard about it.

Your niche should feel like home.

Your niche is where you belong, not for any magical reason, but sometimes because it's right in front of you!

It's your tribe, your people, the ones who value what you have to offer.

And you'll know it when you find it -- although it definitely takes time -- because your niche will give you access to those people -- whether by meeting them at an event or finding them on a members list of an organization that brings them together.

It also shouldn't be a struggle -- not to say it doesn't take effort -- it does, indeed.

But it's not a fight -- it's something that feels right.

And make no mistake, it's a very deliberate choice.

It's something you say "yes" to, sometimes because it's in front of you and it would be silly not to seize it.

That's how I found my niche: you!
And I want to show you how to find that for yourself.

So if you have this type of "fickle focus," I have a couple things that might help you:

  • First, the latest Marketing Mentor Podcast with Greg Corey, who chose the simplest niche for the simplest reason, and it's been working for 16 years.
  • The Pick a Niche Kit -- it will walk you through the exercises to identify your most viable potential niches. I recently revised and updated it -- and it's on sale!
  • Command the Fees You Deserve, my CreativeLive course -- 44 short videos to teach you the foundation of my work, including how to find your people.
  • And if you know your niche, but you need help figuring what kind of content to create for them, join me tomorrow (Thursday) for the next Bat SIgnal Content Marketing Zoom group coaching session. Find out when the next one is here.
  • Of course, you can always take advantage of my free mentoring session and we can brainstorm your niche idea.


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