[Podcast] #352 Greg Corey on growing from freelancer to agency owner

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So many people struggle with how to choose a niche. If you’re one of them, know that you’re not alone. That’s why I talk and write about it so much!

Lately my niche-picking advice is a business version of “love the one you’re with.” I’ve been saying the most viable niche is the one you can get to.

Many people dismiss this immediately because they want something glamorous or something they’re passionate about or sometimes even something they have to struggle for.

But the strategies I teach are rooted in reality, not wishful thinking. I prefer to guide you toward the simplest path, so you have time for the rest of your life!

It was the simplest path that worked for Greg Corey when he started his boutique branding and packaging agency in Atlanta 16 years ago. Today Porchlight has 10+ employees and a strong position in the retail home improvement market.

One of the things I love about my podcast chat with Greg is that he has the perfect attitude for success. He likes to work hard, he positions the firm as a generous resource and he puts relationships first. Clearly, that is what works. 

We covered all the important aspects of how he grew his business: how he chose his niche, how he bills clients and why they don’t bill hourly (but they are religious about time tracking), how they handle and bill retainers, how he treats his employees and freelancers and what he attributes his success to.

I think you’ll learn a lot from what he shared about his own journey from freelancer to agency owner. And if you need help, you can always sign up for my free 30 minute mentoring session – whenever you’re ready.

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