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And now for something a little different...

Today’s episode of the Marketing Mentor Podcast is a short clip from the most recent Office Hours, a monthly live (and very interactive gathering) that has become the centerpiece of the Simplest Marketing Plan, the framework I teach (and sell in the Marketing Mentor Shop -- 2023 version coming next week!).

In fact, on Cyber Monday, I hope you will join me and my guest (and long time client), copywriter, Bob Bly, for a free live event to launch the new "SMP" for 2023 with a one-day deal and amazing bonuses. That’s live on Cyber Monday Nov 28 at 12-1 PM ET.

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Now, on to The Big Idea from Office Hours....

It has to do with the idea of embracing what's invisible.

And when I say what's invisible, I mean our own growth, the growth that's happening that we don't notice, as well as the often invisible impact you're having on the world, on your market.

There are things happening behind the scenes that you're not aware of. So it's really important not to make assumptions about any of that -- about what is or isn't happening in yourself as well as out there in the world.

Here are two guest blog posts on each of these ideas: 

  1. Is anyone listening? by Teresa Murray
  2. Is the growth of your freelance business invisible? by Rebekah Mays 

Listen here (or below):

And don't miss our Live Event on Cyber Monday Nov 28 at 12-1 PM ET.

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