Is anyone listening?

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This guest post by Teresa Murray, a social entrepreneur and social impact content creator, is adapted from her LinkedIn Newsletter, "Strategic Content Marketing: Essential Tips for Transformative Leaders in Innovation, Healthtech, Start-Ups." Subscribe here

Whether you post on LinkedIn, mail out a newsletter or are active on Social Media to grow your business or project, sometimes it can feel like you are dumping content into a very silent void.

It can feel like giving a speech in a huge hall to just three people all staring at their phones!

Perhaps you’ve got some followers who enthusiastically engage with and share your content, but still you think you are not reaching your target audience and that no one is listening. 

Following months of what may feel like digital ‘bombing’ -- to steal an analogy from stand-up comedy -- you might feel like jacking it all in. Not worth the effort, you may think. Pointless. A waste of time and energy.  

But no, you must persevere because you likely have an ‘invisible audience.’

Think about it.

Do you read posts, articles and comments but often do nothing, say nothing?

Of course, you do. No one has time or energy to comment and react to everything that piques their curiosity. But you’re listening either way.

It’s the same with the content you create and publish. 

I discovered this invisible audience last year when I was feeling frustrated. I didn’t seem to be getting much reaction from my content – at times, no reaction at all. Self-doubt crept in, and my resolve to consistently produce content for my businesses wavered.

But then, just as I was thinking about stopping, different people mentioned they had noticed my content.

It was then I realized the obvious;

there is always an invisible audience out there engaging with your content and one you cannot forget about. 

I listen to a lot of great podcasts that I love. I follow many interesting people on video and read many articles and posts. Yet, I rarely react. I am part of an invisible audience that regularly engages with other people’s content -- all in silence. 

And so are you. 

So, when you produce your content, don’t worry about the number of likes and comments; just keep putting it out there, honing it, and experimenting without fear. There are many more of us 'listening' than you think. 


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