Birthday Fiesta! Join us on June 24th

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It's that time again!

So if you're new to my world, you're in for a treat because next week is my birthday and I like to celebrate! (Won't you join me?)

That means I practice what I preach and use generosity (and my birthday) as marketing tools. So there will be giveaways and gifts galore!

I hope you'll join me because this year is going to be more fun that ever! It starts with a Birthday Fiesta, followed immediately -- and I mean immediately -- by a Birthday Flash Sale, where everything in the Marketing Mentor Shop will either be 61% off or only $61. (Can you guess how old I'll be?)

During the Live Fiesta, in addition to the giveaways, you'll meet 5 creative professionals who have a lot to celebrate too: their success, their excellent marketing efforts (and the inevitable results) = the growth of their business. Plus, I'll be asking them to share exactly what they've done and how.

You won't want to miss this!

When is the Fiesta?
Friday, June 24 at 12 PM Eastern.

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(Yes, it will be recorded. So although it won't be as much fun to watch the replay, you will definitely learn a lot.)

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