How to use generosity as a marketing tool

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It seemed fitting to wrap up 2021 with a "big idea" about how exactly to use generosity as a marketing tool.

So that's how I began Friday's Office Hours -- which is one of the perks you get for buying the Simplest Marketing Plan (which is still on sale til Dec. 20).

In the video, I gave a demo for how to use the brand new and totally re-imagined (and packed with new content!) -- that starts here at 15:50.

And at the beginning, I shared my "big idea" for the month -- 4 practical ways to use generosity as a marketing tool:

  1. Give a recommendation on LinkedIn to a client or colleague, as Helen Boss suggested here on LinkedIn (feel free to comment).
  2. Give gift ideas to friends and clients, as copywriter, Danielle Hughes, did on her blog (and newsletter) and Kimi Mischke did in her newsletter.
  3. Give a donation to one of your clients, like designer, Karen McElmoyle, did in her newsletter (combined w/ celebrating her birthday as a marketing tool)
  4. Give your help and your ideas by doing some year end follow up messages before the holidays descend. Below are the examples I shared --  the ones Marketing Mentor clients are actually using this month to fill their calendars with Q1 projects:
  • “I wanted to check in before the holiday season takes over to see where you are in the decision making process and if you expect a decision before the end of the year. We’re planning for first quarter and we’d love to save time for you.”
  •  “Just checking back with you before the holidays get super busy. Do you have any projects planned for 2022 that you would like to talk about now so they’re ready to go come January? If so, let me know a few days and times you are available and we’ll get it scheduled."
  • “I thought I would check in with you before the holidays get super busy. Do you foresee the need for extra writing assistance in 2022? If so, let me know if you would like to talk about anything before the end of the year to be ready to roll come January.”

See if you can find 3-5 people you can send these messages to this week and be sure to let me know what happens. 

Finally, I answered these questions about how to use the Simplest Marketing Plan:

  • Bill asked, "I have a list of prospects. What's the best way to get their attention now?"
  • Lauren asked, "I'm new to the Simplest Marketing Plan -- where should I start?"

If you want to start the new year with clarity and a plan, check out The Simplest Marketing Plan 4.0 here

And if you're just getting started, check out my 7-step guide to marketing for creatives.


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