How to Use Your Birthday as a Marketing Tool

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I love getting older and I love marketing. 

So what could be better than to put the two together and use my birthday as a marketing tool? 

Every year I have a blow-out sale in the Marketing Mentor Shop when I put most of my downloads, bundles and marketing plans on sale at a ridiculous price.

I've been encouraging the creatives I work with to use their birthday as a marketing tool too -- and some of them already have.

3 Tips to Make Your Birthday a Marketing Tool

People love birthdays, theirs of course, but also yours!

But you don't need to have an online store to use your birthday as a marketing event. Anyone can do it, so here are my top tips to do it right:

  1. Be real and share what you've learned. You don't have to say how old you are (although a lot of people were impressed that I did). That way, they get to know you a little bit better and, voila, more trust is built.
  2. Give a deadline. The thing about deadlines is that they motivate people to act. But then if people miss it, they think it's too late to take advantage of your offer. And that's not good for them or for you. That's why I usually extend the deadline. I'm very loose with my deadlines anyway. And a lot of people know that. :)
  3. Make it special. I only make my birthday offer to subscribers of my Quick Tips -- as a perk for being on my list. I don't tweet about it or blanket social media with my special offer. It's just between me and my subscribers. That way they feel special -- because they are!

What could you offer as a birthday gift?

So you want to try this but you can't think of anything to give away?

Think creatively -- and remember, it doesn't have to be something new.  Just "give" whatever you always give (a web site critique or brainstorming session -- even your "freebie") --  and frame it as a birthday gift. You may be surprised how many people want to celebrate your birthday and receive a gift.

If you offer a free consultation (like I do), give that away as a birthday gift and see if more people take you up on it. Gigi offered her "free session" and got more than 25 takers!

One of the best things about telling everyone it's your birthday is that it gets them to reply to your message with authenticity and it starts a conversation.

And you know what I say about conversations -- you never know where they will go!

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