One of your clients' biggest pain points is....

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Did you know that your clients are looking for you and can't find you? 

That's what book designer, Lauren Wickware, learned when she attended a panel called "Working With or As a Freelancer" at the National Museum Publishing Conference -- that's where she finds her people!

To her surprise, there were more clients than other freelancers on the Zoom and they were sharing their pain points, including the fact that they can't find you!

In this video above, Lauren admits, "They were asking all sorts of questions that I found pretty surprising because I always thought all these huge institutions have the designers they work with set in stone. And that they didn't want to hear for me bugging them about work. But I was wrong."

Apparently, the majority of the people in the Zoom were people who hire designers and copywriters and other creative services and they were essentially complaining because they have a hard time finding these resources.

Not only that! They also talked what they're looking for when they're choosing a designer to work with, such as what type of experience the designer has because -- get this! -- they don't have time to train or onboard you.

"That was interesting," said Lauren, "because I thought maybe budgets were tight so they'd want someone with less experience. But actually they want someone with more experience that they don't have to manage!"

Another attendee simply said, "Just let us know you're out there." That was a good reminder to just send my email newsletter out.

Is the message clear yet? These are clients asking you to promote yourself to them!

Keep this video handy so that, whenever you hear that little voice in your head saying, "Oh, they don't want to hear from me. And they've got plenty of resources and I'm just bothering them," -- you can watch it and get yourself out of the "pity party" and back on track. 

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