[Workshop] Know Your Worth at IndieLAB in Cincinnati Sept 29-30

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Join me, Jane Friedman and Amy Collins on Sept 29-30 in Cincinnati at IndieLAB for Writer's Digest

My Workshop/Lab Topic: Know Your Worth: How to Approach Your Career with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

If you’re like most writers, you hate talking money. But to be a successful independent writer who is perceived as a professional, you must know what you’re worth, so you can set profitable rates and then communicate them with confidence. It’s not your fault – you’ve never been trained in any of this!

I will show you how to determine your value and then what to say to secure the best deal. In the hands-on part of this session, you will learn to use an estimating worksheet to price a sample project and then have a chance to see how other attendees priced the same project – always very enlightening!

Takeaways include:

  • How to develop the right mindset and stop underpricing your services and talents
  • How to avoid “price blurting” and learn to love “the money conversation”
  • Overview of simplest pricing techniques, including one that practically eliminates the need to negotiate
  • The 7 small (but lethal) negotiating mistakes creative professionals make most often (and what to do instead)

More speakers + More about the program.

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