Why is Zoom So Exhausting? with Eleanor Handley

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We’ve heard a lot of do’s and don’ts about the practical aspects of presenting yourself online these days, whether you’re the one presenting or not.

But there are many other deeper issues that have been raised, at least for me, with all of this meeting remotely, including why the heck is it so exhausting!.

That's what I discussed with my friend, Eleanor Handley, who is also a NYC-based communications coach who teaches executive presence and much more.

So listen here (and below) and scroll down for more from Eleanor. 


Eleanor Handley on presenting remotely 

"I'm personally not sure there is any getting around the extra energy cost. What we'll never replicate is the energy exchange available in a room full of people. The extra adrenaline, plus the multiplied/amplified response, is a chemical performer's rush. Zoom requires all the output (if not more) with none of the feedback.

"I think the instinct to keep focused on individual connection and a more intimate, conversational approach is smart. It maximizes what Zoom can do, which is let your audience really have access to you up close.

"I've been playing around with a few rapport building techniques for groups. One simple idea is a renaming exercise... so for example "Can everyone take a moment and add the city they are in right now next to their name" - would be a nice safe one.

"Depending on the audience and the topic you could get really creative (word to describe their mood, goal for the session...)

The other thing that can be fun, is getting people to answer questions by drawing something / writing something and holding the paper up to the camera.

Or to do some physical action. It gives you a chance to take a breath, take them in, and hopefully receive some impulses that fire and energize you.

But yes.... mostly, it's exhausting. I highly recommend some manner of physical / vocal warm up before you begin."

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