Why Aren’t Clients Finding You?

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If you’re waiting to be “discovered” by clients…

Then you’re probably used to the sound of crickets! 🎶

Getting discovered seems fantastic. Just make yourself look as attractive as possible, then sit back and wait!

(It worked for Marilyn Monroe, right?)

But unless you love the sound of crickets…

There is a better way to find clients!

Yes, you should update your LinkedIn profile, build a portfolio, and hone your elevator pitch - all with your “ideal” client in mind.

But doing all of that and then stopping is like getting all dressed up just to sit on the couch and watch Netflix!

So if you want:

Steadier income…

Projects you love…

And quality clients who respect you and your expertise…

Then you need to go find the clients you want.

It might seem hard or overwhelming at first. After all, where do you even start?

But all you need to do is find organizations and people you are interested in and know you can help.

And it starts with you.

Look for the clients you’re best suited to serve because of:

  • Who you are…
  • What you care about…
  • And what you bring to their projects.

That’s what will lead to building a business that you can depend on - with clients who love to work with you (and you with them!).

So don’t sit back and wait. Because they won’t likely find you on their own.

But don’t worry - I’ll help!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be 100% focused on giving you what you need to find more and better clients.

Starting with this video from my brand new “Minisode” series:

Where Are All The Good Clients?

Watch Minisode #1 to find out what kinds of clients you should be looking for… and where to go to find them:

Still not sure where to start?

For months, I’ve been developing a new client-finding method to uncover the best clients for you, using AI to speed things along.

Hear all about it at my brand-new LIVE event:

Potential Clients on Tap with AI
Wednesday, May 29 from 12 - 1 pm ET

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find loads of quality potential clients whenever you want using AI…

  • Identify what your best potential clients need most - without having to talk to anyone…

  • Get results you can actually trust from AI - in no time…

And more.

Plus, you'll get to watch as I demonstrate my favorite AI client-finding methods.

It’s free to join - reserve your spot here.

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