Where does your content come from? (Free Summit starts next week)

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Where does your content come from?

How do you "decide" what to write about?

And how do you know if it's the right topic?

The approach I recommend (and use myself) is the strategic one.

So instead of "What do I want to write about?" or "What do I have to say?" -- very difficult questions to answer out of the blue -- I ask myself, "What kind of work do I want? And whose attention am I trying to attract?"

Once that's clear, the next question I ask is this:
"What would the people who need that help from me want to hear or learn about that I can share?" 

My Quick Tips newsletter is an example of what I mean.

Sometimes I focus on LinkedIn because I have a new course to promote.

Sometimes I focus on money because I have a new download to launch. (Watch for that for my birthday sale in June.)

But today I am focused on content marketing because I want to attract the attention of people (maybe you?) who want to do better content marketing. 

Why? Because I'm presenting at the Blogging for Your Business Summit.
(You know who else is involved? The godfather of content marketing, Joe Pulizzi!)

And my presentation, Content Marketing on Steroids, is all about how to use high quality, pain point content marketing to attract your ideal clients.

My friend, Ashleigh McGarity, handpicked 15+ top experts for this free training series on increasing your traffic, supercharging your brand awareness, and catapulting your revenue -- with content!

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