AI IQ Quiz Answers - No Peeking!

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Did you take my AI IQ Quiz to find out how much you know about AI?

Check out the answers below and see which questions you got right...

AI has been playing chess against humans since…
✅ 1950’s


What’s the name of the first AI to be declared a “citizen”?
✅ Sophia
No way!


Metropolis, the first movie to feature an AI character, came out in:
✅ 1927


Who’s better at detecting breast cancer:
A doctor
✅ AI


In 2020, Elon Musk predicted that AI would be smarter than humans in ___ years.
✅ 5


_____ made an autonomous AI robot dog that can be a guide dog.
The US
✅ China


Siri voice assistant will no longer sound _______ by default.
✅ Female


The “Three Laws of Robotics” that guide AI came from science fiction.
✅ True


Which of these people is not real?

AI can “read thoughts” and translate them into speech.
✅ True


Some AIs feel bad when a person uses rude language.
✅ False

How did you do?

10 or more correct answers = "AI Genius"
7-9 correct answers = "AI Nerd"
4-6 correct answers = "AI Aware"
3 or fewer correct answers = " AI... What??"

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