Has This HappenedTo You Too? (QTMM 7/13/17)

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I recently had an amazing opportunity
fall into my lap.

This gig seemed so promising -- and lucrative too!

They flew me across the country for a meeting. They seemed to value the ideas I proposed -- I practiced what I preach and gave generously without giving away too much.

I had my fingers crossed...but a few days later, I got a message that it fell through. 

And when I got that email message, I realized I had a choice:

I could be depressed OR use it to motivate me. 

Because if one company was looking for that, it's likely they are not alone. If I got off my butt and went looking, I could find more.

I think I will. It will take some work but I may even find something better than what seemed at first blush like an "ideal opportunity." (We'll never know for sure if it actually was.)

Has this happened to you recently? 

Remember: It's your business. You get to choose. 

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