When a “competitor” sends your biggest project ever

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I’ve been a web copywriter for 10 years. Mostly I partner with graphic designers. But I learned at the beginning (from Ilise!) that I shouldn’t be scared of the “competition”— because really, there are no competitors…only people we can learn from.

So when I met this writer at a conference, I remember telling him: “I can’t believe I’m meeting you in person!” He was the real-deal. A writer with tons of experience whose work and business I really admired. Somehow he knew me, too!

We are both writers. Though most of our work is different, some is similar. He’s technically a competitor, I guess. Yet over the years, we have kept in touch to discuss our marketing efforts and see what we could learn from one another. We’ve even referred a few projects.

So when this writer came to me and asked for help on a huge project he had just acquired, I was blown away.

Then when he told me the scope of the project, I was even more blown away.

It would be my highest-paying project ever.

I laughed for the entire day because I couldn’t wait to tell you that a “competitor” became my biggest client ever.


How’s that for re-calibrating your view of the competition? 

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