What would you call it?

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Since 2012, I've been working closely with web designer, Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design (read the case study here), building her business, step by step, to the point where she's been "booked solid," as they say, and exceeding her income goals, for over a year now. 

Now we're working on a downloadable product she will be offering to share what she's learned as she's grown her business. 

The focus of the product is "on boarding" clients, one of the things Jill does really well.

In fact, it's one of the reasons she can book new website projects 3 months out -- and clients do wait!).

She's learned how to take qualified prospects from the free chat she offers to signing on the dotted line.  

Here's where you come in...

We're trying to decide what to call it...

If you want to help Jill name her new product, read her blog post about it and take the 1-question poll here

And if you want help doing what Jill's learned to do, take advantage of my free mentoring session and we'll see what's possible for you. 

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