What exactly is "content marketing" for creative professionals?

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Last week, one of my clients, a designer, was explaining to me why he doesn't want to do content marketing, which he defined as "long articles and blog posts with the right keywords."

The thing is, he's already doing excellent content marketing with a very funny email newsletter. But he doesn't know it because of his skewed definition! 

"Maybe he's not the only one with this misconception." This is what I say to myself when I realize I can make some content of my own out of whatever I'm talking about with someone. 

Do you also think content marketing is all about the words?

Well, it's not just words. Content can come in multiple formats. Yes, Google likes words but your prospects and clients like video and audio (podcasting) and images especially!

Here's one of my favorite recent "excellent examples" of content marketing in an email newsletter that is made up of words and images and one pet peeve that almost every designer I know has: white space. (She also has an adorable tidbit in there for fans of animal crackers and I am one!)

If you want to know more about content marketing -- especially about how to create the kind of "bat signal" content that will attract your dream clients, sign up for my free mentoring session and we'll talk!

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