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I must say, even I was surprised by how much I was able to share in this new interview on the Marketing the Invisible podcast, "How to Get Better Clients – In Just 7 Minutes."

I covered the fundamentals of BOTH The Simplest Marketing Plan AND the Proposal Oreo Strategy

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 01:34 – My ideal client: “My ideal client is creative professionals. So, designers of all types, copywriters, who want, I like to say, better clients with bigger budgets or bigger clients with better budgets.”
  • 01:58 – The problem I solve: “For the most part, my clients are not marketing themselves because they don’t like marketing. And they think word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool so they end up taking whatever comes along.”
  • 02:39 – The symptom of the problem: “They’re taking whatever comes along, and probably not being paid what they think they’re worth for their work. Often their clients or prospects are ghosting them and not responding to their outreach or to their follow-up.”
  • 03:38 – Clients’ common mistakes before consulting me: “The thing is that there are too many marketing tools and too many ways to find prospects. So often people are just doing a little bit of everything, and that’s not what works.”
  • 07:19 – Q: What are the marketing tools that work? A: They are the ones I teach in the Simplest Marketing Plan framework: strategic networking, targeted outreach, and content marketing, all focused on a particular niche or vertical market so that they see you over time.

Watch the video here or above -- it's only 7 minutes and he was counting down -- and/or read the transcript here!

And to learn more about the Proposal Oreo Strategy, check out my Domestika course, "Write a Winning Proposal: Land Your Dream Clients" -- it's still on sale too!

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