The Right Mindset to Price Your Freelance Creative Services

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Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines

Why does the “money conversation” cause such angst for so many creative professionals?

I have a couple of theories and I wrote about them in the Foreword of the brand new 15th edition of the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines (get it here now -- it's free for GAG members).

Here are 3 main reasons I've noticed among the designers, copywriters and other creative pros I mentor:

  1. You believe you're not good at math.
  2. You don’t know the “right” way to price. (Spoiler alert: there is no “right” way.)
  3. You lack confidence because you pull prices out of thin air.

But even if you master the money conversation, you may still be a bit anxious, because you know deep down that your pricing has more significance than just dollars and cents.

Your pricing speaks volumes about how you value your own services. In fact, your prices are shorthand for the way you think about your own worth.

So be smart and take advantage of the resources available, especially the new 2018 edition of The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines, considered the Industry Bible for communication design professionals and illustrators.

The current edition continues the tradition with:

  • new information, listings, pricing guidelines and best business practices
  • tips on how to negotiate the best deals
  • the latest job market trends
  • new changes to copyright law
  • actual data about what designers are charging and clients are paying

Plus, it includes sample contracts!

Armed with this information, you will be more than prepared to confidently initiate the money conversation with every client.

Order the book here now -- and if you're a member of the Graphic Artists Guild, it's free!

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