The Only "Number" You Need to Know [Quick Tip for 1-4-19]

I’m not a big fan of “goal setting” – the practice or the phrase – especially when it comes to financial goals.

It’s psychologically fraught and too easy to set unrealistic goals that are impossible to reach.

They set you up for failure and you feel bad, which reinforces any lack of confidence, never mind the guilt!

Instead, there’s really only one "number" or formula you need to know at all times: how many projects/clients @ what fee = to earn what you need each month. It looks like this:

4 projects @ $5000 = $20K OR 3 projects @ $2,500/month = $7,500

Call it a “goal” if you want, but this is based on reality. And you'd be surprised how many people don't focus on it every month, especially when things slow down, which they eventually will.

But when you know that formula, all you have to figure out is what marketing will get you there, then track against it.

As I write in my new Simplest Marketing Planner for 2019:
"Marketing works when you track your actual results. You need to know what you’re aiming for, in a specific and quantifiable way, so you can track against it."

Do you know what your formula is? Do you keep it front and center year round?

My new Simplest Marketing Planner for 2019, will help you do so, every single month.

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