The Night Before Site Launch (by Robert Lodi, the web guy)

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Did you know content marketing could be a poem?

Yup, it can.

So for a little holiday cheer, Podcast Episode #462 is a really excellent example from the web guy, Robert Lodi of Rock Pixel Scissors. Enjoy and happy holidays.  

Scroll down to read it or listen to me read it aloud here or below:

The Night Before Site Launch  

‘Twas the night before launching, and all through the site;

The content was final, the colors were bright;

The pages were ready, the forms were online,

They'd finished the best web site of all time;


The marketing team rested snug in their beds,

While visions of new leads flowed through their heads;

The week had been long, I was all done with Zoom,

I was finishing work, there was no sense of doom;


When all of a sudden there were flashing alerts,

Texts and emails came in like something was hurt!

The phone rang so late I was barely awake,

The client needed this fixed, before it was too late;


I turned screens back on and got myself ready,

The alerts and alarms were coming in steady;

I opened some browsers and ran lots of tests,

Something old had updated, the site was a mess;


I sat with my mouse, right in front of my desk,

Making last minute fixes, to solve the unrest;

When what to my blurred, tired eyes did appear,

Some outdated plugins, and code from past years;


The monitor glow lit my face up that night,

While I clicked and fixed problems to make it all right;

As updates downloaded, and things got on track,

I saved extra copies and stretched out my back;


There’s sliders and popups and don’t forget Yoast,

which is one of the plugins that updates the most;

Old plugins and files and now WordPress core,

Which needed a new patch, to keep it secure;


Soon things started working and the site was in shape,

and just as the sun rose, I made my escape;

As I walked off to bed, I may have let out a yell,

‘Just keep your site current, and all will be well!’ 

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