The Mother of All Pain Points for Your Clients [QTMM 10/23/18]

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Do you know what your clients' biggest pain point is?

I think I might know -- and I don't even know your clients!

One huge problem has been coming up over and over, on almost every mentoring call and in every coaching group session lately.

It's the reason your clients don't respond to you, even when they're paying you to work on a project together.

It's why your prospects seem to drop off the face of the earth for weeks at a time (and, although you know better, you can't help but imagine it's because they hate you).

But it's not you! It's the mother of all pain points!

Can you guess what it is? Or do you want me to tell you? 

Here's my theory -- see if this rings true:

Your clients have too many demands (often unreasonable ones) and not nearly enough time.

They simply can't get to everything -- not even their biggest priorities. They just can't keep up!

So how could you possibly cure that pain?

That's what should keep you up at night.

That's what you should apply your creativity to.

How can you make their lives easier? What can you take off their plate?

Because if they can't focus, you won't get very far together.

And if you want their attention, you have to stay in touch, sometimes to the point of what may feel like harassing them.

But it's actually just friendly nagging. That's the only way to capture their attention, especially if you can do it with humor.

Make a joke like, "I don't want you to think I"m stalking you, but...." 

Why not try and see if it works?

Cheryl Smithem, Founder and Principal of Charleston PR & Design, agrees. She wrote, "Clients have so much going on. It's always seemed that it is our job to keep things moving forward. Using tasks, and "starred" email that I have to follow up on along with my project management system keeps me focused on "what next." 

Another client wrote this to me: 

Amazing what happens when I just do what you tell me to do. "Unnamed Client" gave me a project. Amazing—he was just too busy to read my emails. All it took was a call. He read the post I mentioned him in and all the other emails, hooked me up with his coordinator. I proposed an idea and he accepted it. I guess all I have to do is my homework. Thanks again Ilise, for your help!

This "mother of all pain points" is one of the things I"ll be covering In my next Zoom Session on Thursday, Nov. 15. There's a minimal fee of $25 to keep the group small and serious.

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