Should you clean your email list?

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If you use MailChimp's free plan to send out your email newsletter, this post is especially for you because on March 10, MailChimp will reduce the number of contacts allowed on their free plan, which is prompting lots of people in my circle to rethink their email marketing. 

Here's what some of my super smart members had to say:

Tricia brought it to our attention (thanks Tricia) and said, "In my case, I’ll have to upgrade because I have 679 contacts on my list, so it’ll cost me $27/month. That said, maybe it’s time to cull the folks who don’t read my newsletter that often. What say you all?"

Nancy, of Creatives Roundtable fame, wrote, "I think it will be difficult to remove 179 people and then you will grow again. If you can afford it - pay for it. With paid plans (at least mine) you get chat support which I find very helpful now and again."

Rebekah chimed in with some excellent advice: "It is a best practice to cull an email list every so often, but this can be hard to have the courage to do when you're working with a smaller audience. I'd think about a few things:
  1. Rather than looking at people who don't read it often, I'd recommend looking at people who haven't opened any emails from you in the past 6 months to 1 year. They may have changed jobs/ email addresses and have invalid emails, or are just not interested anymore.
  2. Think about who on your list is a past/ potential client vs. a less relevant contact. I know I have lots of folks on my newsletter who probably won't ever hire me because they're other freelancers. I have a much smaller audience of potential & past clients I wouldn't want to remove from my list.
  3. Before removing anybody from the list, you might do a re-engagement campaign -- let them know you've noticed they haven't opened anything recently, and give them a chance to renew their interest. If they don't respond, you can remove them.
  4. Do you like Mailchimp? It might also be a good time to shop around. I recently switched from campaign monitor to Convert Kit & am liking that landing pages are included in my plan. 

And Lindy reminded everyone that she received on my Quick Tips for 20 years before replying to a message and starting to work with me!

That's what I call "newsletter magic."

Looking for more options? 

What will you do? 

Sign up for my Quick Tips -- that's a good first step. 

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