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I decided to look into a co-working space.

I found one in an industrial complex attached to a law firm. Very corporate. I took a tour and the cubicles and offices gave me a strange nostalgia. The people were nice. But everyone was wearing black and grey and microwaving their lunches.

The (maybe) upside

It would add socializing (i.e. a water cooler) to my life, in the form of “co-workers,” happy hours, and potentially more clients. 

The downside

It would add $450 per month onto my expenses for a small, windowless private office. The cubicles were less expensive, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing my consults or strategy calls without privacy. Sometimes they get rowdy! So I need a door that shuts.

It also would add 30 minutes in the car. Right now the commute to my laundroffice is zero minutes.

The decision

The tiny part of me that wants to be a networking-go-getter who wears cute outfits to work felt excited about it for a minute.

But that feeling quickly turned into a "should" — like I should be excited about it.

I spoke to my oldest friend, confidant and fellow business owner. She helped me land in my reality.

  • Recurring monthly expenses aren’t my favorite. The unsteady income of self-employment means my financial landscape isn’t as easy to figure out as when I got a set weekly check. I make it work, but I try to keep these expenses to a minimum. For example, I drive an older car because I don’t want a car payment. My mortgage, health insurance, internet and everything else are enough of a commitment for me.
  • I like being able to pet my dog in the middle of the day.
  • Higher expenses mean I have to work more, or raise my rates.
  • I seriously dislike fluorescent lighting.
  • If I want more clients, I know how to find them. (Thank you, Ilise!) I don’t need to join a co-working space to locate them. Plus, the co-workers weren’t my ideal clients anyway (creative professionals & personality-rich service providers are).

If I need to get out of the house, there’s always a coffee shop. I love occasionally working from the sunny window at Dunkin’ Donuts with a giant iced coffee next to me. And there’s nothing wrong with that, darn it!

The truth is, I just want to do great work for great people.

I don’t want distractions or a community bathroom.

I want to work as efficiently as possible, and then I want to close the door for the day and recharge.

I am not knocking co-working spaces. I’m sure there are some out there that would be perfect for me. (Ones with fellow creatives and natural lighting. Ones that allow dogs?!)

But for now, I’m good.

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