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I get this question all the time. So here’s my answer (adapted from the Tricky Pricing Scenarios and Common Questions section of my new program, AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Copy Projects).

Should you put prices on your website?

It depends (of course!).

Yes, when you don’t want to have “the conversation” because…

  • You need to weed out bad prospects who waste your time. Or
  • You want to be transparent. There are a lot of people lately who want to do business that way. If that’s you, then go ahead and put prices on your website. Or
  • You think that sharing prices would help sell the services that you’re offering (because people imagine they’re more expensive than they actually are)

No, when you do want to have “the conversation” because…

  • You don’t want (or can’t afford) to weed anyone out. This is often the case when you’re getting started because you may need to take everything that comes along, or at least be the one to decide.
  • You want to talk to everyone personally so you can qualify them first, before sharing pricing (in a separate document) and/or tailor every price to each client, which, again, is especially helpful in the early years.

One good way to try adding pricing on your site is with Package Pricing – you offer a couple packages of services at a certain price, as a conversation starter. You can then tailor them to your client’s needs. (Learn all about that in my Package Pricing Bundle.)

The beauty of all of this, of course, is that you can experiment and see what works best for you. Since none of it is printed on paper or written in stone, you can always take it down.

Listen to the latest podcast interview with B2B Industrial Manufacturing Copywriter, Steve Maurer, about how he’s improving his pricing — and his business!

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