Presenting Yourself with Confidence with Eleanor Handley

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We are hereby rebooting the HOW Design Live Podcast just in time for HOW Design Live in Boston, May 22-24. Will you be there?

If so, you’ll hear one of my favorite speakers, featured in this episode, Eleanor Handley, a communications coach with a voice you just can’t stop listening to.

She assures us she is not “anti-pajama” – you’ll have to scroll down to listen if you want to know what that means :)

In this chat with me and Amy Conover, Show Director of HOW Design Live, Eleanor shares so many deep insights into why we struggle to speak, whether in front of a group or even one on one on Zoom, as well as practical tips to change our behavior and our deeply embedded habits. We talked about how to be nimble and present, especially in job interviews and how to “embrace the beautiful shipwreck that is you.”

I loved this conversation and I think you will too. So listen here (and below) and learn…then come to HOW Design Live in Boston, May 22-24, 2022 for more. 

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