[Podcast] What to Say When Promoting Your Creative Services (and more)

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“Relationships are everything when it comes to marketing…. Whatever tools you use, the most important thing is developing relationships.”

That's a quote from my recent interview as a guest on The Digital Agency Show with Ugurus founder, Brent Weaver. 

As much as I love to be the interviewer on the 2 podcasts I host (Marketing Mentor Podcast and HOW Design Live Podcast), it's always fun to be the interviewee.

Listen here and scroll down for some of my quotes:


“There’s a conflict in the mind of a creative person between business and creativity or art. Sometimes it seems like those two things cannot live together in the same person. I don’t think it’s true.”

“I am a believer in the idea of specializing. If we specialize in a particular market and the needs of particular people, then we become much more competent at helping that group.”

“Excuse after excuse after excuse is going to get in the way unless you don’t let it.”

I also interviewed Brent on the HOW Design Live podcast -- listen here

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