[Podcast] #350 The Freelance Plateau -- have you reached it?

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In this week's podcast, I talked with Robert McGuire of Nation1099.com about some of the findings from his recent survey, Career Freelancer Status Report.

We dug into the idea that many "career freelancers" appear to reach a plateau effect in their income after five years. Have you noticed that in your own business?

We also talked about the value of job boards and freelance marketplaces for finding work.

BTW: I will be joining Robert on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 3 PM Eastern for a live Q&A as part of his new series, Next Level Freelancing: The Answers & Advice Show for Your Solo Career. We'll discuss (in real time!) Negotiating Strategies for a Thriving Freelance Career. It's free! Details and sign up here

Listen here or below to this week's podcast:

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